Package For Rhonda Taylor 2 out of 2

Package For Rhonda Taylor 2 out of 2

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7/6 Queen Of Hearts 50.00 - tumbler + straw, necklace, hot coco

lg tree 40.00+ 2x pot of gold 40.00 + 5.00- pillow plushie, warmie, hot choc.

pot of gold 5x 100.00 - hot coco, pillow plushie, salts, wickless candle, foam pump soap, pen

1x balloon 45.00+ 2x Pride tickets 50.00- 5x keychains, wallet, r.s.b, massage oil, 2x vibe, cockring

spin pick win x2 90.00- apple cider, sugar scrub, candy jars x3, blanket, marshmallows,popcorn, bubble bath 

1x wheel spin 45.00- truffle gift basket, throw blanket, hot coco marshmallow.